How I Keep My Family Healthy


I'm a big believer in leading a healthy family life. Prior to having the boys I enjoyed a very health conscious life, so it's only natural that I maintain it as a parent.

It's absolutely vital for me that our family eat an organic diet. I'm not a fan of munching on pesticides. Chemicals in my food? No thank you. And for my children? Even worse. They've been fed organically since being weaned and I fundamentally believe it's made them better eaters.

Exercise is also important to us. As a multiple dog household the majority of our exercise is dedicated to dog walking. In addition I work out at the gym twice a week, take a hot yoga class, and visit a day spa 2-3 times a month. The children attend sports clubs held at their school, partake in a daily lunchtime walking group run by the school's well-being officer, and also partake in a daily group massage at school.

The dogs are also given the same care to their diet and well-being. Both dogs have personalised feeding plans created for them that includes the provision of a tailor-made dog food delivered monthly. They visit the vet weekly for a check-up and weigh to ensure they remain the optimal weight for their breed, and they partake in a number of dog exercise and lifestyle groups designed to improve their physical and mental health.

A Typical Healthy Day For Our Family

I'm normally the first up so that I can head to the gym, spa, or yoga. I grab a skinny latte and a green smoothie before I leave the house.

When I get home I'll wake the boys, who usually have a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, a poached egg on a wheat muffin, a green smoothie, and a small bowl of oatmeal. After we're dressed we take the dogs out for the first walk of the day, dropping the boys off to school on the way back. I don't believe in driving children to school, that first walk of the day energises them and gets the brain running.

Once we get home the dogs are served their breakfast and my husband and I work from our home office. We take the dogs on their second walk at lunchtime and stop at a dog friendly cafe for lunch. I'll usually have a spinach salad with poached salmon and rye bread. Plus a glass of elder-flower cordial in sparkling water.

We then head home and finish our work for the day, allowing 30 minutes to clean the house before we pick the children up. The boys stay at school until 5 pm as they're at a sports club most days. We pick them up and head home. Whilst they complete their homework I'll prepare a main meal. Often this is a wholemeal pasta dish with my homemade pesto, prawns, and slices of hard cheese. I serve this on a bed of rocket drizzled in olive oil. For dessert we might have sliced strawberries served with a lemon sorbet. The dogs eat their second meal and we walk them to a dog socialising class.

We usually get home at around 7 pm. We'll run a tepid bath for the boys using child friendly essential oils. We're fans of Philips Hue smart lighting, so we have a calming lighting scene specially for their bath-time and relaxing music piped in. This helps them to relax before supper.

Once the boys are wrapped up in their bath-robes we sit down for a light supper of hot chocolate and home-made croissants whilst we watch Horrible Histories together. They boys are then tucked into bed with a book.

My husband and I will then share a glass of Merlot in front of a film. This is our wind down time and the opportunity to catch up. We'll review the diary and ensure there are no conflicts in the days ahead. The dogs usually rest during this time. After the film I take a long hot bath and spend 30 minutes meditating.

We set our lighting into a gradual dim towards bed-time to slow down our bodies and promote a healthy sleep. I drink a tall glass of iced water and lemon before heading to bed for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

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